Big Day

Mom: do you have any of those old first-day-of-school shots? I’d love to post one here!

I think one reason the first day of school has always been a big deal for me is that my mom always had a tradition of taking a picture of the two of us (my sister and me) on that morning. Every year we held up the number of fingers that corresponded to what grade we were about to enter. For example, six fingers = 6th grade. Traditions die so hard that I couldn’t resist asking the guy at the bus stop this morning to take my photo. I don’t have enough fingers to hold up anymore, but I was still as giddy as I was in elementary school. Also, from what I can tell, I’m still doin’ my mama proud.


2 thoughts on “Big Day

  1. Very cute post! I don’t have any of those on my laptop, sorry! I just went through the oldest shots I have of you, but none during that time. love, Ma

  2. What a lovely tradition! Can you spread your toes? You could for sure get 15 out of the way… and you must be close to two feet’s worth. (Note: I wanted to write “two foots’ worth” to emphasize the foot as composed of 5 toes. I didn’t do it, but only after exploring the word “worth” at fyi 🙂

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