(Not) Speaking of Testing…

Having just written about quantitative tests as questionable means for assessing students and teachers, I was happy to listen today to last week’s episode of This American Life. It reminded me of an episode of another great podcast, American RadioWorks. Both podcasts reveal the research that has started to come out countering the effectiveness of policy initiatives like No Child Left Behind.

The secret to student success? Well, it’s really pretty intuitive once you think about it. Instead of test prep, kids need to learn “soft skills:” persistence, determination, resiliance. Or as one researcher calls it frankly, “grit.”

Listen to both of these podcasts for some very important ideas about how to think about and approach education.

Link to This American Life’s “Back to School”

Link to American RadioWorks’ “Grit, Luck, and Money”


One thought on “(Not) Speaking of Testing…

  1. Loved the video on grit – it makes so much sense and is what I’ve observed in my own life. I’m sending it off the the college kids (Abby, Lorin and Alex). You might want to shoot it off to Casey.

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