To Ponder:

“And when fun is unleashed in the classroom, can learning be far behind?”  -Harvey Daniels, Literature Circles

Yesterday I came across this quote while reading Daniels’s book, and was struck. The author asks the question rhetorically, leaving no doubt about what he thinks the answer is. I’m a little less sure. I’d be curious to know what others think: Is fun a prerequisite for learning? Think about a time recently when you were learning something for the first time. Were you happy and enjoying yourself?


One thought on “To Ponder:

  1. I suspect that the “fun” part he writes of is about the initial mental-emotional engagement, and then from there about Flow, which our mentor, Csikszentmihalyi, describes as the balance between challenge and ability during an activity. Perhaps it is that fluidity that keeps it a learner engaged, but the hooking of attention gets one there in the first place.

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